GQS have invested heavily in their bespoke management system called IGRIS. As there was no “Off the shelf” system which allowed us to manage our clients requirements as we wanted, we decided with our sister companies , that we would build our own system to meet our own particular requirements, and that of the other companies. Longer term this strategy has proved effective for both GQS and our clients. As we have a very robust and advanced system, this means we can do things quicker, smarter and with less bureaucracy allowing us to offer a very competitive service.

Having our own bespoke system allowed us to control and record our inspectors competency, work history and all relevant certification as we wanted, ensuring our clients have access to the latest Inspectors information and a history of their work completed.

We further understand that in today’s challenging market, service providers need to add more value to their client’s projects and ensure they know where every part of their budget has been spent. To this end we have added additional controls and reporting functions to our client’s assignments giving them greater value and visibility over costs spent on each and every project.

The IGRIS system was developed with our core values in mind. Building trust by giving our clients access to as much information as possible, and delivering innovation & quality to all Stakeholders.